How is the stock traded in India? Here is the Best expert explanation in 2022 - Forexsail

How is the stock traded in India? Here is the Best expert explanation in 2022 - Forexsail

"I'm only rich because I know when I'm wrong. I basically have survived by recognizing my mistakes." -George Soros. In trading, it is the most important thing to find out own fault. If you can't, trading brings risk for you.

In the Indian subcontinent Stock trading grabs a huge market, especially young people are more interested in this field. But most of the traders don't have proper knowledge and education about this. 

For this reason, they mixed-up Stock trading with Forex. Forex trading is totally a different kind of trading. Anyone can better their Forex trading with AssetsFX because this platform provides a super-fast trading execution service.

Most stock traders fail to gather success and pretend that stock trading is worst, and not profitable. The main thing here is that they don't know the fundamental rule of trading - "The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money."

As a trader, you need to be patient and learn A-Z about trading. Here are some videos that may help you to learn and you can find the answer to these questions clearly:

1) Is Stock Market Risky? 

2) How Much Money can I make? 

3) How much money to invest in Stock Market? 

4) How to Open Trading & Demat Account for stock market investing.

5) Is It a Casino? 

6) Can non-finance people earn money from the stock market? 

7) Why do share prices move up and down? 

8) How to Make a career in Stock Market.

1. Stock Market For Beginners | How can Beginners Start Investing in Share Market | Hindi

Stock Market for Beginners is the introductory video for everyone who is interested in investing in the share market. This stock market basics video in Hindi will answer your following questions about the stock market

2. MOST Important Stock Market Video | Stock Market Classes | Share Bazar में निवेश करने से पहले देखें

Watch this important stock picking strategy that you must always keep in mind while investing in the stock market in order to pick winning stocks that will help you make money from investing in the share market. This stock market for beginners Hindi video will tell you a unique way to pick good stocks. 

3. What is 🟢INTRADAY TRADING in the stock market?

This video provides a basic introduction to stock trading strategies for beginners.  It discusses the potential return on investment of buying and selling stocks given a few scenarios.

4. How To Start Trading? | Beginners Trading Guide | Booming Bulls | Anish Singh Thakur

In this video, we try to provide knowledge that is based on self-learning, experience, and theoretical implications on the market. In general, trading is considered a business not suitable for everyone, but this is just a hoax which we clear by letting you learn about the strategies that can provide a good profit.

If you follow this video carefully you can learn about what is stock, how to choose a stock, trading strategy, trading psychology, etc. properly.

5. Technical Analysis for Beginners in Stock Market | Share Market Techniques

In this video, you will learn about technical analysis in Stock Market, how to identify the trends, and how to put Resistance and Support. Learning about this analysis is the most important thing before starting a trade.

6. Which Trading Style to Follow? Intraday vs Swing vs Option Selling vs Long Term Investment

There are multiple trading activities to do in the world of the stock market. You can be an intraday trader or a swing trader or an options seller or a long-term investor. I have seen beginners getting confused as to which trading style to follow. This video will help you get some clarity and perspective in selecting which trading style to follow.

7. Intraday Trading Strategy | Day Trading | Earn Money In Stock Market | By Siddharth Bhanushali

Intraday Trading or Day Trading is one of the best ways to Make Money every day & in this video Siddharth Bhanushali explained the Intraday Trading Strategy for Beginners in a very simple manner, Watch this Full Video to Learn that.

  • What is Intraday Trading
  • Advantages of Intraday Trading
  • Disadvantages of Intraday Trading
  • Top 5 Mistakes in Intraday Trading
  • Fraud Alert
  • 3 Things to do in Intraday Trading
  • Strategy
  • Advantages of Strategy
  • 10 Questions about this Strategy
  • 2 Ways not to make Money
  • 1 Biggest Secret of Intraday Trading

8. Top 5 Strategies on When to Buy Sell Stocks | CA Rachana Ranade

I'm sure that most of us get confused regarding the timing of an entry or exit in a particular stock or in the market. Do remember that don't always try to time the market as there is a lot of time in the market!  However, if you need some basic guidance regarding possible entry and exit points, this video will surely solve the purpose!

9. Complete Stock Market Knowledge in Just 1 Video | Basics of Share Market for Beginners Explained

In this video, you will learn everything about Stock Market, from Basic Knowledge to How People Make Money from Stock Market Investment & Trading.

10. Investing mistakes you must avoid | Why people lose money in stock markets 

In this video, we are talking about the 3 biggest investing mistakes in stock markets that can harm your investments. Since last year, many new investors have entered the markets.

But without the right attitude, one can even lose money while investing. It is very important that one has clear expectations regarding what to expect from the markets before he/she makes the decision. In this video, we list some of the mistakes a person should avoid.

In addition to all of these, one must carefully analyze stock market movements and respond appropriately. Keep in mind that trading currencies are not about winning. You must make patience-related sacrifices and make your own way using your knowledge and discernment.


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